058 – Steve Bissinger and the film In Pursuit of Silence

In this episode we talk with Steve Bissinger about his career, how he ended up at Skywalker Ranch, and the new film In Pursuit of Silence. The film is unlike anything you have ever seen and presented a lot of unique sound challenges.  As Sound Supervisor on the project, Steve walks us through how this film is different than his main gig on the Netflix series House of Cards and the upcoming MindHunter series.

Steve Bissinger living life in the California sun.

If you live in NYC you can see In Pursuit of Silence at Cinema Village // June 23-29, 2017 

In LA it will be at Laemmle’s Ahrya Fine Arts Theater // June 30 – July 6, 2017

There will be Q&As and a lot of the screenings and after parties on Opening nights in each city.

The film should be rolling out to other cities after these.  Track future screenings at http://www.pursuitofsilence.com/#


Steve Bissinger IMDB

In Pursuit of Silence Trailer

Steve’s personal website, SineLanguage.com


057 – Carlo Guillermo Proto & Pablo Villegas


Guest host Teresa Morrow sits down with documentary film maker Carlo Guillermo Proto and location recordist Pablo Villegas about their new, award winning film “Resurrecting Hassan”.  They discuss the film’s unique soundtrack and their battle to get the film to sound the best it possibly could.  They talk the about everything from the first day of shooting all the way up to the final mix.

Resurrecting Hassan director Carlo Guillermo Proto


Resurrecting Hassan IMDB

Carlo’s IMDB

Pablo’s IMDB

Resurrescting Hassan’s Facebook Page

Tonebenders Co-Host on DesigningSound.org


Tonebenders co-host, Timothy, wrote an article for DesigningSound.org about the ways shop talk and pro audio lingo effect us all.  The article is part of the websites theme for May 2017 “Sound Language and Lingo”

A familiar job interview scenario involves a studio owner giving the interviewee a tour of the studio while throwing gear names and version numbers around to see if the prospective hire can follow along or, better yet, has their own opinions on which model/version of “widget X” they prefer. The industry seems to thrive on building up it’s own language that outsiders don’t really understand and that helps distinguish the old pros from the newbies.

To read it all click here.

056 – Tonebenders in New York City

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.51.33 PM

In November of 2016 Tonebenders went on an sound nerd’s tour of New York City. We visited some of the city’s top post audio studios and interviewed many of the talented sound professionals working in NYC. In this episode regular Tonebenders host Timothy and guest co-host Teresa Morrow (a busy re-recording engineer based in Toronto) tell us about the trip and play clips of many of the interviews they did while in the Big Apple. Featured in this episode are Skip Lievsay, Tom Fleischman, Nicholas Renbeck, Bob Hein and many more.



David Forshee’s IMDB

Nicholas Renbeck’s IMDB

Skip Lievsay’s IMDB

Bob Hein’s IMDB

Patrick Christensen’s IMDB

Tom Fleischman’s IMDB

Abby Savage’s IMDB

The Jane Hotel in NYC (Where we stayed while in town)

C5 Sound (Where we interviewed Nik Renbeck and he frequently works)

WB Sound NYC (Home to Skip Lievsay)

Harbor Sound (Home to Bob Hein)

Soundtrack F/T NYC (Home to Tom Fleischman)

Dig It Audio (Home to Abby Savage)


René’s new article on Designing Sound


Tonebenders co-host René Coronado recently wrote an article that appeared on designingsound.org as part of their “Audio Hardware” theme for the month (March 2017).  The article covers the importance of “accessories” when field recording in addition to the big ticket items like microphones and recorders.

When evaluating the role that hardware accessories play in your work, think about how they affect the *decisions* that you make. So often, recording is about where you’re able to place the mic rather than which mic you’ve chosen, and accessories can have a dramatic impact on the options available to you. Really stop and evaluate the *way* that you want to record, then design your kit to facilitate that.

Read the entire article here.

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