063 – Field Recording in South Africa

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In this episode we pass the podcast over to George Vlad and Daan Hendricks who tell us all about their trip to a field recording workshop in Mmabolela Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa.  They discuss everything from the planning and preparations,  getting from their homes in Europe to this remote location, and the gear they used (and how it held up in the extreme weather conditions). They also reminisce on the impressions the trip has left on their lives.  All with fantastic examples of the sounds they recorded while there.

Here are some pictures of the places they were able to record:

Looking out from the porch of the building they stayed in.
A gang of baboons at the waterhole.
Recording the dawn chorus.




Website for the Mmabolela Recording Workshop

George Vlad’s website

George’s blog post on the trip.

Daan Hendrick’s website

Daan’s blog post on the trip.

SFX Library made from the sounds recorded on this trip.


062 – Abby Savage

In this episode Timothy sits down with sound editor/designer/supervisor Abby Savage in her edit suite in New York City.  Abby talks about her work on documentaries and indie films and how she makes that work along with her successful acting career.



One of the Planes Timothy was recording in the intro to this episode.


Abby Savage’s IMDB for Audio Post

Abby Savage’s IMDB for Acting

Redhook Post where Abby works

Trailers for Films Abby talks about in this episode:


059 – Bob Hein in NYC

Bob Hein in the mix room at Harbor Post with a still from the film The Lost City of Z.
Bob Hein in the mix room at Harbor Post with a still from the film The Lost City of Z.

In this episode Timothy sits down with Bob Hein, in his Studio in New York City, for a one on one interview about Mr. Hein’s impressive career as a Sound Supervisor.   He talks about what it is like to work with great directors (Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Lee Daniels, Jim Jarmusch), how the industry in NYC has changed in recent years, and lots more.  This is a man who has seen it all in this industry and has great stories to tell.

Here are some trailers for films he talks about in the interview:


Other Links:

Bob Hein’s IMDB

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