034 Oliver Machin and Mad Max Fury Road

We were super excited to talk to Mad Max Fury Road vehicle recordist Oliver Machin for this episode.

Oliver gave us tons of great war stories and logistics problems from the set of one of the breakout films of the year.

6 - divebomb

War machines, microphones, and rock n roll on the Doof Wagon.

1 - Doof Wagon


More stuff:

how they built the vehicles for fury road

18 mins of behind the scenes footage

boom library every day cars

Oliver’s rig


and here are a bunch of images from the shoot:


6 thoughts on “034 Oliver Machin and Mad Max Fury Road”

  1. Listening to the podcast definitely inspired me to see the film again in an Atmos theater. Great work!

  2. I felt like I could hear a difference in clarity with the increased channel separation, but since the only theater in L.A. that was still showing Mad Max in Atmos at that point also had vibrating seats (for some reason Entourage was eating up all of the Atmos theater screens!), my judgement may be skewed.

    The one that I really noticed this time around was how quiet the film became in the scenes between big action set pieces. It’s something I definitely understand given how hard the mixers are pushing the loud scenes, but I felt like I wanted to hear a bit more of the desert atmospheres. Even in the quiet driving scenes, the engine is almost gone.

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