025 – Vehicle Recording Roundtable

In ep 25 we talked with Rob Nokes, Watson Wu, and Max Lachmann about all things vehicle recording.  It was a heck of a conversation with some real heavyweights of the industry.



show links:

Rob Nokes robnokes.com — @robnokes on twitter
Watson Wu WatsonWu.com — @watsonwu on twitter
Max Lachmann pole.se —

Designing Sound Rob Nokes Vehicle recording feature
Watson Jaguar film for Rode microphones

Mics mentioned:


Rob’s Kit

Sennheiser E835
Yamaha subkick

Neumann U89
Neumann U87
AKG C4000B
Sure KSM44

Sanken Cub01

other stuff
fire blanket
bungee cables
zip ties

Watson’s Kit

Sennheiser 418s
Neumann RSM 191
Neumann 82i
Rode NTG8

DPA 4061 lav
Rode Lav
Countryman B3 lav

Sennheiser 421
Rode dynamic mics
Sure dynamic mics

Rode pinmic lav
DPA 4061 lav

Max’s kit

Electro Voice RE50
DPA 4062 lav

DPA4061 lav
Crown PZM 30D

Neumann RSM 191
DPA 4061 lav x 2

Sanken CSS5
Sennheiser MKH8060
Schoeps CMC6 in ORTF


2 thoughts on “025 – Vehicle Recording Roundtable”

  1. It’s great to listen to Max and Watson. I recorded the vehicles on location for Mad Max: Fury Road. My only experience of recording vehicles before this was with Tristan Horton when we recorded the Boom Library Everyday Cars here in South Africa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATCWeo8tbGQ. I was then hired as a boom op for the movie and once on location saw the opportunity to try and record these amazing vehicles on location because I could see that the task for post was going to be huge and most of the vehicles would have crashed and been blown up by the time the audio mix came around which actually ended up being 2yrs later.

    1. Both Max and Watson were a great help to me with giving advice prior to starting on the furious road. Other than what I had done with Tristan on the “Everyday Cars” prior to the Fury Road recordings the only reference I had was some email conversations with Watson and Max.

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