Whats on my podcaster

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive list, but it’s at least representative.

Here’s what René is regularly listening to:

1. Radiolab

Radiolab is the godfather of modern podcasting.  If you’re listening to tonebenders and not listening to radiolab you’re probably doing it wrong.  While it’s not about sound design per sé, it does incorporate excellent design throughout.  Jad and Robert discuss humanity, science, and nature in beautifully executed storytelling style.

2. Here be monsters

Here be monsters is a little storytelling podcast run by jeff Emtman. “Here be monsters” is what used to be written on maps  past the point where man had set sail and returned.  It represents the unknown.  Jeff has a small team of correspondents and releases podcasts kind of monthly, but they’re always excellent and always worth the wait.  A great primer episode to this podcast is ep 21 – potential energy.  As someone who grew up in a small town I completely related with what was going on there.

3. The Home Recording Show

This show is what got me into podcasting.  Ryan and Jon are funny, interesting, and doing audio things all the time.  The show is about recording music at home, and but all of it translates to anything sound because they constantly talk mics, workflow, etc.  They used to release weekly, but now are less regular than that.  The back catalogue is kickass though, and very very worth going through.  One of the best eps for me was the guitar geekery episode.

4. Song Exploder

Super polished, super entertaining podcast where Hrishikesh Hirway sits down with various big name composers and bands and dissects a single song.  Breakdowns are usually arond 30 minutes, but the entire process is recorded beautifully and is greatly informative and entertaining.  My favorite eps are the one about the House of Cards them with Jeff Beal and the Garbage one with with Butch Vig.

5. Everything Sounds

Another tiny podcast, but one worth listening to.  Everything sounds is a radiolab styled journalism podcast focusing on sound and the things that make sound.  Beautifully produced, but only released semi-regularly.  Craig and George have curated a list of their favorite episodes here.

6. The Monday Morning Podcast

Comedian and C list celebrity Bill Burr sits down every Monday morning and cranks out a one-take one hour stream of consciousness comedy rant every single fuckin Monday for you guys.  It can get rambly, but it can also get hilarious.  He talks sports, shitty people, life on the road as a comedian, and other stuff.  Back catalogue is less important because he stays pretty current with whatever is bother him.

7. The Producer’s Podcast

Ryan Drean interviews top voiceover, radio imaging, and broadcasting talent about the radio biz.  He’s Dallas based, and interviews people and stations all over the world.  If you like radio you’ll like this podcast.

8. Game Audio Podcast

Anton and Damian are very prolific during GDC, and a little less so during other parts of the year, but they are always interesting and always full of knowledge.  Great podcast by great guys.

9. Beards, Cats and indie game audio

I’m new to this podcast but not new to hosts Matthew Martinson or Gordon McGladdery on twitter.  They have a great rapport, and I’m having fun diving into the relatively new back catalogue.

I know there are lots more out there, and I keep a couple of sports and politics podcasts on my phone as well.  This is the new radio, and I love it.



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