006 – Analog Synths

In Episode 6, regular co-hosts Rene, Dustin and Timothy talk about analog synths and their role in sound design. Timothy talks about how he uses older synths from the ’80s and Dustin discusses his recent jump into the world of modular synthesis. Next up, we go over the studio moves that both Rene and Dustin have been involved with recently and the lessons they learned through these exhausting changes. We cover gear decisions, network setups, studio design and more.

Skyfall review
District 9
Moog Little Phatty
Muffiwiggler’s Modules and More
Richard Devine Videos
Francis Mazella
Russ Berger
Acoustic Systems
Nuendo 6

005 – Michael Maroussas, The Sound Collector’s Club, and Dustin Cawood

In Episode 5, special guest Michael Maroussas joins in from London England, along with regular co-hosts Rene Coronado and Timothy Muirhead. Michael is the creator of The Sound Collector’s Club, a crowd sourcing sound effects library. He discusses the club’s history and where the future will take it. Timothy also interviews sound editor Dustin Cawood about the work he has done recently on the documentary Chasing Ice and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Ice recordings
The Sound Collector’s Club
The Handel House museum
IFTT service for Soundcloud
Tim’s blog post about TSCC
Richard Spooner’s show Chuggington
Field recording trip to Iceland with Chris Watson
Chris Watson’s homepage
Dallas Audio Post Studio Design Project TEC award nomination
Chasing Ice

004 – SFX databasing with Paul Virostek

In Episode 4, we welcome special guest Paul Virostek to join regulars Dustin Camillari, Timothy Muirhead and Rene Coronado to talk about mastering Sound Effects and prepping them to be added to your master SFX library. Paul also tells us all about his new eBook: Field Recording: From Research to Wrap.

Paul Virostek on Twitter
Paul’s Books on Jetstreaming.org Creativefieldrecording.com
Andreas Usenbenz Andreas’ FX library: the Soundcatcher
Izotope RX
Waves ZNoise
Waves C4
Rene’s Uptown Trolley Kickstarter
Tim Prebble’s Doors library

003 – Shaun Farley and Valhalla Shimmer

In Episode 3 – ‘iPads, Reverb & AES’, Tonebenders has its first guest sit in for the show. Shaun Farley joins regular hosts Rene, Dustin and Timothy with his memories of AES 2012 in San Francisco. Shaun is also a contributing editor at Designingsound.org and talks about the recent changes taking place on the site. We also interview composer and sound designer David Burns about how he uses his iPad in his daily audio workflow and Dustin checks in with a review of ValhallaDSP’s ValhallaShimmer reverb plug-in. All this and a spirited discussion on loudness specs.

Diego Stocco – Music from a Tree
Liine’s Lemur for iOS
Rene’s post on the Slate Audio Raven
Auria for iOS
ValhallaShimmer Dolby Atmos review
November Issue of Game Developer Magazine featuring Shaun Farley’s Loudness Article

002 – Getting Out and Recording

In Episode 2, titled Getting Out & Recording, the podcast rolls out its first 2 pre-produced feature stories. Up first is “Building Your Own Field Recording Kit”, where co-host Rene Coronado looks at what makes a good kit and what gear is best to splurge on and where it can be smart to be frugal. The next feature, by Timothy Muirhead, covers techniques used in recording animals in the wild, as well as domesticated pets. Both feature stories are followed with Q&A sessions that go into further depth on these topics.

Finally, we wrap the show up with highlights of recent news stories that affect the worlds of sound design and audio post production. Topics include the shutdown of operations at Sound One in New York, the new release of Sound Forge for Macintosh, and a few others as well.

Links from the show:

Sony Field Recorders
Line Audio Line Audio
CM3 Thread via Gearslutz
Sony Soundforge
Digital Domain Bankruptcy
Audiofile Engineering WaveEditor/Triumph
Sound One Closure

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