019 – Listener Questions and Willem Sannen

In this Episode, Rene and Timothy tackle a bunch of recent listener questions about sound design. Next up, Rene interviews Willem Sannen, a field recordist in Belgium. They talk about his home-made binaural dummy head microphone setup as well as other adventures recording out in the world.

Show Links:
Live Sound Design Episode referenced in listener Question.
GearSluts forum question referenced in Listener Soundminer question
Paul Virostek’s eBook on Field recording and Metadata
Forum post referenced about audio job interview etiquette
Social Sound Design question that inspired our mic eq segment
Slate Digital Mic emulation system
Free Chains SFX Library from Kyle Evans Kyle Evans’ Sound Design Website
Free Kickstarter Firearms SFX Library
Paul Virostek’s blog post on metadata fixes for the free firearms
SFX Library Guest Willem Sannen’s Tumblr
German Webshop selling silcone ears Blog post (in Dutch) with pictures of how to make your own binaural headset turning cheap earphones into microphone clips on your ears.

016 – Gordon Hempton

In episode 16 Timothy talks to Gordon Hempton about recording in pristine wilderness, protecting natural silence and his personal bouts with hearing loss. That interview is followed up with a talk with audiologist Marshall Chasin about the best ways to keep our ears in long term health.

Show Links:

One square inch of silence
Soundtracker documentary about Gordon Hempton
Quiet Planet SFX Libraries
Free PDF of “Hear The Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians” by Marshall Chasin
Musician’s Clinic of Canada

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