016 – Gordon Hempton

In episode 16 Timothy talks to Gordon Hempton about recording in pristine wilderness, protecting natural silence and his personal bouts with hearing loss. That interview is followed up with a talk with audiologist Marshall Chasin about the best ways to keep our ears in long term health.

Show Links:

One square inch of silence
Soundtracker documentary about Gordon Hempton
Quiet Planet SFX Libraries
Free PDF of “Hear The Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians” by Marshall Chasin
Musician’s Clinic of Canada

014 – Martin Pinsonnault discussed Dallas Buyer’s Club

The guest for this episode is Martin Pinsonnault, the sound designer on the new film, “Dallas Buyer’s Club”. We talk about the film’s unique post production work flow, location recording to capture authentic Texan ambiences, Martin’s career and SFX libraries.

Show Links:

Martin Pinsonnault
Schoeps Double MS tool
A Sound Effect
The Recordist Fire HD
The Recordist Bullets HD
The Recordist Ultimate Foliage HD
Hiss and a Roar Seal Vocals
Tim Muirhead’s Cat Recordings
Chuck Russom’s Dog Library
BOOM Library Wildcats
ProSoundEffects Hybrid Library

deep sound design