Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to join us on the podcast. Here’s how our production process works:


As show prep, we like to have a short bullet list of things that will acquaint our audience to who you are.  Things that are always good to mention are:

  • your name (any pronunciation help is appreciated)
  • your skype handle
  • your title and company
  • any notable credits you may have
  • your twitter handle
  • your website
  • any other personal things you would like to promote

If possible, please shoot an email with these things to before the record date so that we can type up a quick bio to read as we introduce you.  If we don’t get this we’ll figure it out at the time of the recording.


At the time of the podcast we’ll get ahold of you via skype. If we haven’t talked to you before, you’ll need to add us as a contact before we hook up.

Here are our skype usernames:

Rene – the.rene.coronado (or sometimes dallasaudiopost)
Tim – azimuthaudio


If possible, we’d love to have you record yourself using a good sounding mic so that we can use that audio for the final podcast.

Also, its a good idea to wear headphones instead of using speakers for monitoring.  That helps with the edit on our side.

Just one long take works great.  We’ll edit the whole thing up once we’re done.

If you can’t record yourself, we’ll be recording the skype feed on this side as a backup – but the quality of that is obviously going to be lower.


Once we wrap up, please ship the recording to us.  There are two easy ways to get them to us:

Via FTP:
password: upload

or send a wetransfer link to


Thanks again for coming onto the podcast with us.  We do our best to keep these podcasts as casual and entertaining as possible.  If you end up saying something that you’re not comfortable with, just say so right away and we’ll be sure to edit that part out.

Remember to have fun!

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