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065 – 5 year Anniversary Special

In episode 34 Oliver Machin told us about recording the motorcycles for the film Mad Max Fury Road.

To celebrate the podcast’s 5 year anniversary, we take a walk down memory lane and play clips from interviews of some of our favorite past guests on the show.  Our new robot assistant 85T4X takes over the hosting duties, so Timothy and René can take a break.  Shoot us a message on Twitter (@tonebenderspodcast) or our Facebook group and let us know what your favourite episodes from the last five years have been.


Dave Whitehead Full Episode

Andy Malcolm Full Episode

Bob Hein Full Interview

Will Files Full Interview

Martin Pinsonnault Full Interview

Nia Hansen Full Interview

Coll Anderson Full Interview

Carlo Guillermo Proto & Pablo Villegas Full Interview

Erik Aadahl (& Ethan Van Der Ryn) Full Interview

Oliver Machin Full Episode

Ann Kroeber Full Interview