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the impostor syndrome episode prep

The imposter syndrome is real, and we’re here to talk about it.

I’d like to put out a call to all sound designers who want to contribute some thoughts to the next episode dealing with the imposter syndrome.

Here’s how to participate:

  1.  Choose a topic:
  • how industry or company culture influence creative insecurities
  • how attempts to avoid failure affect the odds of failure
  • comparing your own work to that of people with much more/less experience than you

2.  Grab a mic

3.  Collect your thoughts.  (srsly, don’t skip this)

4.  Introduce yourself

5.  Discuss for about 5-10 minutes.  This is both a long and a short length of time, so get to the heart of the issue quickly and dive in.

6.  email a link to

Submission deadline is midnight on March 31st.  (We reserve the right to edit submissions for length or to exclude submissions.)

I’ll make my own contribution and then create a compilation episode out of what we get from you guys.

This is a real opportunity to get right into something that we all struggle with.  Pick the subject that is the most difficult to discuss, and make your weakness into a strength!


032 – Multimic with one mic – Implosions – Soundsnap giveaway

In ep 32 we breakdown a method for executing a multimic record session with just one mic, we do a postmortem on the recording of the implosion of a Xerox building, and we do another great giveaway, this time in collaboration with

Here’s the gear used for the implosion recording:

Plus the venerable Line Audio CM3s