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029 Tonebenders – Daniel Pellerin & Steve Munro

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Daniel Pellerin and Steve Munro have been working together as re-recording engineer and sound designer for nearly 30 years. Together they have worked on indie films, oscar nominees and vehicles for A-list actors – all outside the traditional Hollywood system. In this episode they talk about their careers and work on two recent Adam Egoyan directed films.

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Daniel Pellerin IMDB

Steve Munro IMDB

Film Steve recorded Stadium Crowd SFX for – Turk182!

Trailer for The Sweet Hereafter

Trailer for The Captive

Trailer for The Devil’s Knot

021 – Ann Kroeber

In this episode, Rene and Timothy sit down with Ann Kroeber, veteran audio post and field recording professional. Ann tells us of her career path and her work on classic films like the Black Stallion, Dune and others. She also shares some of her techniques used to record animal vocals and her unique SFX service at


Show Links:
Ann’s SFX Company Sound Mountain
Ann Kroeber’s IMDB
Alan Splet’s IMDB page
Interviews with Peter Weir, Carroll Ballard and Phillip Kaufman on working with Alan Splet

016 – Gordon Hempton

In episode 16 Timothy talks to Gordon Hempton about recording in pristine wilderness, protecting natural silence and his personal bouts with hearing loss. That interview is followed up with a talk with audiologist Marshall Chasin about the best ways to keep our ears in long term health.

Show Links:

One square inch of silence
Soundtracker documentary about Gordon Hempton
Quiet Planet SFX Libraries
Free PDF of “Hear The Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians” by Marshall Chasin
Musician’s Clinic of Canada

012 – Coll Anderson

In Episode 12, we do our first deep dive into the sound design of a specific film, Martha Marcy May Marlene. To help us go through the film, we welcome the sound designer and re-recording mixer, Coll Anderson. We learn about his personal journey that has lead to his career in audio as well as a bunch of the techniques and strategies used throughout the film.

Show Links:

Coll Anderson’s web site
Coll’s RiverRun Demo from Designing Sound
Catfish IMDB
Simon Killer IMDB
Coll’s Blog on Martha Marcy May Marlene
Desert Cathedral IMDB
Pandora’s Promise IMDB