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A tonebenders episode

054 – Sound Design for Radio & Podcasting Roundtable

Podcast Roundtable Pic
Not pictured Jeremy Bloom

This episode features a great conversation about the ins and outs of sound design in radio and podcasting.  Our guest are Dylan Keefe, (Director of Sound Design for RadioLab), Jeff Emtman (Co-Producer of KCRW’s Here Be Monsters), Ann Jones (host and producer of Off Track for Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Dan Powell (Sound Designer for Archive 81 podcast) and Jeremy Bloom (Sound Designer / Technical Producer for WNYC Studios).  Between them all, we have a very wide swath of the kinds of radio and podcast content out there.  They do everything from audio drama to journalism to documentary to storytelling.  We dig in deep on gear, mixing levels, where to get started and lots more.


Ann Jones Off Track Podcast

Dan Powell’s Archive 81

Dylan Keefe’s RadioLab

Jeff Emtman’s Here Be Monsters 

Jeremy Bloom’s WNYC Studios

Essay on Podcast Sound Design by Jeremy Bloom found on his personal site

Sound Particles website

Tonebenders Sound Particles walk through episode

053 – Phil Stockton & The Sound of “Silence”

Phil Stockton is a long time Sound-Supervisor based in New York City. In this episode we talk to him about the work he did on Martin Scorsese’s new film “Silence”. Lots of effort went into creating the soundscape of this story that takes place 400 years ago. As a bonus we start off with a quick hit of Tom Fleischman’s experience as the re-recording mixer of the film.

Phil Stockton with his Oscar for Hugo (Sound Editing)


Phil Stockton’s IMDB

Tom Fleischman’s IMDB 

052 – Pete Lee

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 1.47.55 PM

Pete Lee is a location recordist that specializes in recording in extreme environments. He has recorded on volcanos and the frozen tundra, in rain soaked jungles, steep mountain sides and alligator filled swamps just name a few. As Bear Grylls’ go to sound man Pete has travelled the world with a mic on his shoulders. He has some great gear advice and crazy stories – so listen up!

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 1.48.37 PM

Show Links:

Pete Lee’s website (go check it out for all the awesome pics of the places he has been!)

Follow Adventure Film Collective online:

051 – Remembering Patrick

Patrick ST
I love this picture of Patrick as a young(er) man out in the world with his recording gear.

Patrick Spence-Thomas was a pioneer in the audio post world and also a mentor to co-host Timothy’s early years in the business. In this episode you get some stories about what a great guy Patrick was and then Timothy shares a holiday message Patrick left us before he passed away.

050 – Stories of Audio Glory!

For Our 50th episode we reached out to our listeners and some industry veterans to tell us about their best days on the job.  We have over an hour of tales about audio awesome-ness.

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Links to Guests featured in this episode:
Warren Hendriks’ IMDB and here is The Crawl podcast episode he is featured on
Abby Savage’s IMDB and where she works at Dig it Audio
Robert Hein’s IMDB and where he works at Harbor Post 
Jeremy Bloom’s website
Jeff Shiffman’s IMDB and his company Boom Box Post
Michael O’Conner’s IMDB and his company Audio Shade
Tom Fleischman’s IMDB and the place he works at Soundtrack FT