071 – install project postmortem

Here’s an ep in which René takes a walk in the neighborhood with an SM7b to discuss a recent custom installation project he worked on.

Here’s that Dave Farmer glide to automation tutorial.

Here’s the bag I’m carrying my mixpre3 around in these days. Thanks to Jack Menhorn for the recommendation!

here’s my gear in that bag.


3 thoughts on “071 – install project postmortem”

  1. Love the show!! Can you post a picture of the bag, and how you use it with the MixPre 3? Do you run the cables behind the movable inserts, or any other tricks?
    Thanks in advance

    1. cables can run out of the corners through little gaps in the webbing out to mics. everything else internally goes under the dividers – which are removable. great little bag!

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