067 – Tom Fleischman in NYC


In this episode we sit down with legendary New York based re-recording mixer Tom Fleischman on his mixing stage at Soundtrack F/T in Manhattan. Teresa Morrow sits in as host and talks to Tom about his 40 year career mixing some of the greatest american films ever made including Serpico, Silence of The Lambs, Goodfellas, Hugo (for which he won an Oscar), Reds and any more. Tom is an engaging storyteller whose love for making movies inspires everyone he comes into contact with.

Tom's mixing stage at Soundtrack F/T
Tom’s mixing stage at Soundtrack F/T


Tom Fleischman’s IMDB

Soundtrack F/T (where Tom works)


One thought on “067 – Tom Fleischman in NYC”

  1. The podcast just keeps getting better! Just finished listening to the Tom Fleischman interview …FANTASTIC! Please insure that Ms Morrow feels welcome and will come back with new contributions. KUDOS! Would love more gear talk.

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