064 – Fall Reading Guide 2017

In this episode we talk to some authors of recent pro audio related books.  David Weiss tells us about the brand new book he co-wrote called “Music Supervision: The Complete Guide To Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games & New Media”.  Damian Kastbauer checks in with his two part tome “Game Audio: Tales of a Technical Sound Designer”.   Jay Rose, a noted raconteur, talks up his book “Producing Great Sound for Film & Video: Expert Tips from Production to Final Mix”.  Ric Viers and his son Sean do a reading of the opening chapter from their new book “Make Some Noise: Sound Effects Recording for Teens”.  Finally Gordon Hempton graces us with a reading from his newest book “Earth Is A Solar Powered Jukebox”.  We also review a great book for young kids (ages 3-6) called “Do You Hear What I Hear” that teaches them how to think about the sounds around them.

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Ric Veirs

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Purchase Joy Rose’s Producing Great Sound For Film & Video at Amazon

Purchase David Weiss’ Muisc Supervision Complete Guide at Amazon

Purchase Ric Veirs’ Make Some Noise at Amazon

Purchase Helen Borten’s Do You Hear What I hear at Amazon

Buy Damian Kastbauer’s Tales of a Technical Sound Designer from Blurb

Buy Gordon Hempton’s Earth Is A Solar Powered JukeBox from his site. (Enter Promo Code “Tonebenders” for 20% discount on anything on the site including the excellent Quiet Planet SFX libraries!)

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