056 – Tonebenders in New York City

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In November of 2016 Tonebenders went on an sound nerd’s tour of New York City. We visited some of the city’s top post audio studios and interviewed many of the talented sound professionals working in NYC. In this episode regular Tonebenders host Timothy and guest co-host Teresa Morrow (a busy re-recording engineer based in Toronto) tell us about the trip and play clips of many of the interviews they did while in the Big Apple. Featured in this episode are Skip Lievsay, Tom Fleischman, Nicholas Renbeck, Bob Hein and many more.



David Forshee’s IMDB

Nicholas Renbeck’s IMDB

Skip Lievsay’s IMDB

Bob Hein’s IMDB

Patrick Christensen’s IMDB

Tom Fleischman’s IMDB

Abby Savage’s IMDB

The Jane Hotel in NYC (Where we stayed while in town)

C5 Sound (Where we interviewed Nik Renbeck and he frequently works)

WB Sound NYC (Home to Skip Lievsay)

Harbor Sound (Home to Bob Hein)

Soundtrack F/T NYC (Home to Tom Fleischman)

Dig It Audio (Home to Abby Savage)


4 thoughts on “056 – Tonebenders in New York City”

  1. Great podcast. Love the energy of New York.
    I have had the pleasure of working with Sound Lounge and Pat Christensen for almost all the ADR on “Power” (Starz) in Dolby Atmos.
    Pat and Sound Lounge have been on the show since the beginning and Pat always makes the cast comfortable and at ease which in turn makes the sessions go easier.

    Thanks for all the great podcasts about our industry.

    Rod O’Brien
    Supervising Sound Editor

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