051 – Remembering Patrick

Patrick ST
I love this picture of Patrick as a young(er) man out in the world with his recording gear.

Patrick Spence-Thomas was a pioneer in the audio post world and also a mentor to co-host Timothy’s early years in the business. In this episode you get some stories about what a great guy Patrick was and then Timothy shares a holiday message Patrick left us before he passed away.

2 thoughts on “051 – Remembering Patrick”

  1. Hey Tim and Rene!
    I love your podcast. I think my favorite episode was the one about “Martha Marcy May Marlene”. Would it be possible to discuss more movies in depth, that you liked sound wise? Also liked the fact, that it was our “homework” to watch the film before listening to the podcast. Wish you all the best in the new year!


    1. Hello Oscar – That episode you mentioned featured Coll Anderson who is one of my all time favourite guests. I am glad you liked it. I will work to put together a few more pods that try to do a deep dive on a specific film. There are difficulties with making that happen but I will do my best to get it together.


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