050 – Stories of Audio Glory!

For Our 50th episode we reached out to our listeners and some industry veterans to tell us about their best days on the job.  We have over an hour of tales about audio awesome-ness.

Special Thanks to Pro Sound Effects and The Recordist for donating great prizes for people who contributed to this episode.

To find out more about The Recordist go to www.therecordist.com and check all the amazing libraries available there.

Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library 2017
General library with 63,000+ sounds in 293 categories
345GB on 1TB drive | Full Online Access
Free Annual Updates | Bundled Search Software
On sale for Freelancers only at $1495 (reg. $3995)
150 Licenses available | Ends December 31st
Application for Freelancer Pricing is free with no purchase commitment
Visit prosoundeffects.com/hybrid and apply with Partner Code TONEBENDERS to secure access to the offer
Links to Guests featured in this episode:
Warren Hendriks’ IMDB and here is The Crawl podcast episode he is featured on
Abby Savage’s IMDB and where she works at Dig it Audio
Robert Hein’s IMDB and where he works at Harbor Post 
Jeremy Bloom’s website
Jeff Shiffman’s IMDB and his company Boom Box Post
Michael O’Conner’s IMDB and his company Audio Shade
Tom Fleischman’s IMDB and the place he works at Soundtrack FT 

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