2 thoughts on “049.5 A Walk In The Woods”

  1. Hey Tim.

    I went through a similar dilemma as you with regard to getting an M/S microphone setup to work. I had two Schoeps MK41s and CMC4s that I was (super duper!) lucky to have inherited from a sound professor my film school. Unfortunately the early generation Rycote zeppelin they fit into required using collete cables, which meant about a 10 minute setup and a pretty clunky handheld rig as a result.

    So I started poking around on Ebay for a MK8 figure of 8 capsule. I figured that I could just switch out the mic capsule, stuff the into the zeppelin I usually use for my 416 and head out into the world to record in glorious M/S. Unfortunately the mics didn’t fit. And when I finally decided to invest in a bigger Rycote, I realized that getting two XLRs into the back cup of the zeppelin was tricky (it only has space for a single cable). In the end, the accessories I needed to get the M/S setup to work the way I wanted ended up costing almost as much as the original MK8 mic capsule. I’m quite happy with the final result, but I sure wish I had known about the rabbits hole I would soon be plummeting down when I hit Submit Bid for the figure of 8 mic!

    1. Hey Paul – Thanks for your story. Yes M/S does seem to be quite a rabbit hole to go down. I am already researching new clips to hold the mics together. But I think for most of the M/S recording I will be doing my set up should work fine as long as I pop it on a stand/tripod. And for most Ambiences I would do that anyway. We will see how things evolve from there.


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