032 – Multimic with one mic – Implosions – Soundsnap giveaway

In ep 32 we breakdown a method for executing a multimic record session with just one mic, we do a postmortem on the recording of the implosion of a Xerox building, and we do another great giveaway, this time in collaboration with soundsnap.com

Here’s the gear used for the implosion recording:

Plus the venerable Line Audio CM3s


2 thoughts on “032 – Multimic with one mic – Implosions – Soundsnap giveaway”

  1. Loved this one guys! I am always finding myself out and about as well with some amazing sound happening that I want to capture. I finally got ProAudio2Go – you guys heard of or used it? It’s fantastic – an app for your iPhone with no bulky attachments, and I’ve been really happy with the results. Great for the last minute recording if you’ve got nothing on you.

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