031 – Education with Brenda Jaskulske from the University of North Texas

In ep 31 we talk with Brenda Jaskulske from the University of North Texas.  We had a great time and covered all things, education, learning and teaching in the field of audio.

Brenda is the audio coordinator and senior lecturer in the department of media arts  at the University of North Texas.

Starting as an on-air personality at age 16, Brenda became Program Director and Operations manager of a top rated radio station by age 22. After graduating with a degree in Mass Communications from Midwestern State University, she worked as a television producer, videographer, and editor.

Brenda can be contacted at Brenda.Jaskulske@unt.edu

4 thoughts on “031 – Education with Brenda Jaskulske from the University of North Texas”

  1. Something else I would stress for young people is the importance of a follow-up “thank you” if you get an interview; or even just an opportunity to visit/have lunch with someone, or simple e-mail correspondence. I was discussing this very idea with a few people at work the other day. We all had stories of the people who didn’t express any gratitude. The act of saying it doesn’t necessarily get you anything, but failing to do so can have enormous ramifications. Just something for folks to keep in mind.

  2. Shaun-

    That’s a great point. It is not difficult to hand-write a follow-up thank you, but it does mean so much! It is something I do discuss with my students as we also talk about resumes, cover letters and interviewing.
    Absolutely should have mentioned it! Thanks!

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