030 Tonebenders – Contests, Contact Mics & Captain America

michal 1czb
Michal Fojcik, one of Poland’s top Sound Designers spoke with Timothy about his experiments with different contact mics.

In this eps Timothy announces our biggest contest yet – win a Hybrid SFX Library from ProSoundEffects. Plus we hear from the Sound Designer of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and experiment with the sounds of different contact mics and adhesives with Michał Fojcik.

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Our SoundCloud where you can enter to win the Hybrid Library Contest

ProSound Effects Home  Page

Hybrid Library Info

Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer

Shannon Mills IMDB page

Michał Fojcik’s blog post with his Contact Mic experiments 

4 thoughts on “030 Tonebenders – Contests, Contact Mics & Captain America”

  1. interesting – the contact mic bit is about 13mins in – one thing to mention though – never use blu-tak on the JrF contact mics. It eats into the acoustic transfer surface coatings. The best way i’ve found is with electrical / electricians tape (or window tape – known here in the UK as window masking tape) if needed. The artists wax mentioned is called, in the UK & some other countries, museum wax. Of course I have to defend the freq. response of the JrF ones compared to the Barcus Berry one – actually the freq. response on the JrF is considerably wider than the BB & thats because the BB is attenuated to reject certain frequencies that musicians don’t want to pick up from their instruments. When designing the element for the JrF c-series contact mics I wanted to get the widest freq. response as possible from the technology. It doesn’t say on here which recorder is being used, but the freq. response will be affected slightly by how the mics are connected & to what type of pre-amps. Another tip is that placement with contact mics is really important & even a millimetre or two change in position can have a massive effect.

    1. Jez, do you have any informative photos on how you recommend attaching the contact mics? I don’t see much of that on the web and it would be useful from someone with your experience on the matter :)

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