029 Tonebenders – Daniel Pellerin & Steve Munro

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Daniel Pellerin and Steve Munro have been working together as re-recording engineer and sound designer for nearly 30 years. Together they have worked on indie films, oscar nominees and vehicles for A-list actors – all outside the traditional Hollywood system. In this episode they talk about their careers and work on two recent Adam Egoyan directed films.

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Daniel Pellerin IMDB

Steve Munro IMDB

Film Steve recorded Stadium Crowd SFX for – Turk182!

Trailer for The Sweet Hereafter

Trailer for The Captive

Trailer for The Devil’s Knot

4 thoughts on “029 Tonebenders – Daniel Pellerin & Steve Munro”

  1. Hey hi! Thanks for getting back on the “podcast horse”! — you were missed during the silence!

    Question: I see the latest on SoundCloud but not in iTunes. Are you no longer providing the podcast to iTunes? I know Apple is a pain but the iTunes podcast download system works really well for me.

    1. Hello Jim – Thanks for listening to the podcast! You may have missed it but about 6 months ago we switched our RSS feed. Sadly this means you have to re-subscribe via the iTunes Podcast Directory. Once you do that you will get all the new episodes as soon as they are posted on our site via iTunes. Sorry for the confusion, hopefully this info solves your problem.

    2. Whoops! Okay! I went back and read the updated instructions on the website and am in the process of RE-subscribing via iTunes and the new RSS feed. All’s good here! Thanks again!

  2. This is such an awesome podcast, great episode – great guests! I loved the Sweet Thereafter and Turk182 was such a great Timothy Hutton film! I watched over and over in the 90’s discovered in a video store back then and it resonated, always loved the sound design on both these flicks.
    Nice humble guests. tops! Thanks Tim!

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